July 1st is the deadline for per-registration for all July events. August 1st is the deadline for per-registration for all August events...We hope to see you all at camp this summer!!! Special Note to all Campers & Staff in regards to Registration Day: - No Campers will be allowed to register before the Registration Time. - All staff must register at the Office upon arrival. Thanks for your cooperation.

2019 Camp Dates

Event Age Group Date Registration Cost (if pre-registered) Speaker Additional Information
Men’s Camp & Work Days June 20-22 No Charge TBA
Singles’ Conference 18+ July 4 - 6 $50 TBA
Music Camp All Ages July 7-12 $150 (Family Rates Available) Rev. Rick Vincent Beginners / Experienced / Advanced Classes include: Keyboard, Drums, Guitar, Music & Technology, Video Editing, and Multi-Media
Staff Conference July 13 9:00am No Charge This is a prerequisite for all potential staff
Youth Retreat Ages 13-19 July 14-19 3:00 PM on Sunday $150 Rev. Todd McGuire
Children's Camp Ages 4-9 July 21-26 3:00 PM on Sunday $150 Bro. Kieth Mitton All 4 year old's must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Junior Camp Ages 10-13 July 28-Aug. 2 3:00 PM on Sunday $150 Bro. Larry McCarthy
3rd Working Youth Weekend Retreat Ages 16+ August 2-5 3:00 PM on Friday $75 Rev. Rick Vincent
Ladies’ Get-Away Ages 18+ August 8-10 3PM to 6PM on Thursday $50 Sis. Sharon Barkley
Youth Fall Fest Ages 13-19 September 20-22 Friday $25 Rev. Rick Vincent

Camp Prices For All Camps Starting in July & August

    • $150.00 per person, which includes $10.00 credit to each person for Canteen, if pre-paid by July 1st.
    • Late registration fees (after July 1st, 2018): $175.00 for all July Camps and Late registration fees (after Aug 1st, 2018) for all August events… add $25.00 late fee.
    • Family rate for 2 or more campers is $125.00 each for 1st camp. (Includes $10.00 credit at the canteen if paid by July 1st)
    • Note to all campers: If attending more than one camp, fee is $125.00 for the second camp.
    • All 4 year old's must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who has pre-registered by submitting a staff application, criminal record check & a vulnerable sector check is required.
    • Special rates apply for Campers who are staff’s family members & volunteer for 2 or more weeks!
Please Contact Sis. Ruth Sawler for details…

CONTACT: Lic. Ruth Sawler 506-375-9193 (home or fax #) or 506-375-6147 (camp #) Email – ruan@nbnet.nb.ca